net4tec: Podium Diskussion „How to close the gender gap in technology“


Our experts anddecision makers from the technology world will share first hand best practicesand key learning on how to foster females careers in technology and shape a newface of leadership building our future together!

Who are our experts inthe panel!?

  • Angelique     Mesch, Sr. Digital Transformation Consultant@ Deloitte
  • Pia     K. Pohlmann-Delbridge, Leader, Software Renewals, EMEA + APJC @ Cisco
  • Lelia     Hanslik, Start Up! Trainee @ Deutsche Telekom
  • Angel     Mario Castro Martínez, Lead Architect for Speech Technologies and NLP @     Deutsche Telekom
  • Patrick     Meininger, CFO & CHRO @EGYM

The discussion will befacilitated by Begonia Vazquez Merayo, Managing Director Why Consult,founder net4tec and our FTA partner Nicole Rollinger.Managerin digitaleProdukte @ EnBW AG,

The panel discussionwill be driven via zoom, Digital. Live. You will have the opportunity to shareall experiences and questions with the experts and other participants. What arethe questions you want to get answers from the experts?